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N Dorffeuerwehr mit Garage, sechsständig
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47781 N Village fire brigade with garage, six track
In such buildings 6 fire trucks find location and an impressive tube tower adorns this nice building. Dimensions village fire brigade: L 10,5 x W 5,7 x H 14 cm. Garage: L 7,5 x W 5 x H 2,8 cm.
€36.86 * €40.95 *
N Installationsgeschäft
In stock
47647 N Plumber's shop
Dimensions: L 7,8 x W 7 x H 9,5 cm.
€24.26 * €26.95 *
N Boutique mit Inneneinrichtung und
In stock
47693 N Boutique with interior and LED lighting,...
Romantic half-timbered building with housing space in the upper floor and a small boutique with big windows in the basement. Inlcuding the lighting the interior is best illuminated. Dimensions: L 11,3 x W 10,7 x 13 cm.
€34.16 * €37.95 *
H0 Brauerei zum alten Stellwerk
In stock
45611 H0 Brewery Zum alten Stellwerk
After the railway track has been closed, the old signal tower was sold. A busy innkeeper bought it at once and installed a small house brewery with beergarden. The pub is not very big, but has a cosy atmosphere and the self-brewed beer...
€38.25 * €42.50 *
H0 Besandungsbunker mit Wellblechhütte
In stock
45771 H0 Sand bunker with quonset hut
Dimensions bunker: L 13,8 x W 6 x H 4 cm, dimensions hut: L 5,3 x W 2,8 x H 3,2 cm.
€21.15 * €23.50 *
H0 Wasserhaus
In stock
45708 H0 Water house
Dimensions: L 14 x W 12 x H 13,8 cm.
€31.95 * €35.50 *