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Is the magnetic tape absolutely necessary?

The CarMotion vehicles are compatible with most of the existing systems (Routing with contact wire and magnetic tape, turnouts, stop coils, solenoid coils). Existing layouts can easily be complemented with our permanent magnets.

Is it possible to bring the car to a stop with an infrared LED positioned at the side of the road?

Our vehicles are currently compatible with other infrared controls to a limited extent. Stopping the vehicle can be done with an IR LED. A braking process can be initiated beforehand with a magnetic sequence of simple magnets.

Will there be further models in the future such as busses?

We continue to work on many innovative ideas for our CarMotion series.
You can expect with excitement more products that we will introduce in the future!

Are the vehicles equipped with sound?

Currently, our CarMotion vehicles are not equipped with sound..
However, you can look forward to seeing what innovative ideas we will bring to the market in the future!

Can the roads made of Stone Art be used together with CarMotion?

The roads made of Stone Art can be used together with our CarMotion products.
It is not absolutely necessary to replace the existing wire with the magnetic tape.  To ensure operational safety, however, we recommend using magnetic type, especially because in this case the guide magnet does not have to touch the road surface.

Is traffic light operation possible, e. g. with stop points?

Our vehicles also work with the Faller stop points. In this case, the stop points are switched via our time relay so that our vehicles, too receive the signal to continue or to stop.  Thus, traffic light operation can also be realised with our vehicles. In this case you do not need to instaIl any of our permanent magnets in the route.

You can install a permanent magnet in front of the traffic lights with the south pole facing upwards so that the vehicle brakes. However, the vehicle will then always brake, even when the traffic lights are green..

With the programming device you can, for example, set the vehicle’s starting speed after starting off.

How can I realise junctions, parking spaces, change of roads?

For junctions, parking spaces, change of road you can use commercially available servo branches.

What commands can be executed by means of the permanent magnets?

By means of the permanent magnets, the following commands can be executed:

-    Stopping with slow braking and illumination of brake lights
-    Blinking left & blinking right
-    Speed change: braking or accelerating
-    Switching on the high beam / roof-mounted rotating beacons
-    Information about lane change – important for distance control or when passing stationary vehicles.
-    Cancellation of all existing solenoid commands

The single commands (speed and length) can be set individuall via the CarManager, e. g. „Turn right for 20 centimetres while reducing speed by 10 km/h per second.“

Is the distance control compatible with other car systems?

Currently, our IR distance control is only conditionally compatible with other systems. A corresponding update is in progress.

Can the CarMotion be completely de-energised on the layout?

If you switch off the vehicles with the magnetic pen or the remote control, they are completely de-energised. Consequently, they do not have to be switched off with a switch.

How are the CarMotion vehicles switched on?

By means of the magnetic pen or the telescopic magnetic bar, the vehicles can easily be switched on so that it does not become necessary to remove them from the layout to be switched on.

What is the minimum recommended radius?

For vehicles without trailer we recommend a minimum radius of 75 mm. Note: The permanent magnets should not be placed in tight curves. It is better to place them either before or after the cureve (depending on the desired command).

Is it possible to use chargers from other manufacturers?
For which operation systems is the CarManager suitable? Are they available as a free download?

The CarManager will also be available for Windows and Mac. You can download the latest version free of charge from our website.

How can I tell the difference between the north and south poles of the permanent magnets?

The easiest way to do it is as follows: Switch on the vehicle and hold a magnet near the Hall sensor. If the vehicle stops, it is a north pole. If the vehicle brakes and the brake lights come on, it is a south pole.

Will CarMotion be available for other gauges in the future?
Can the permanent magnets item 8431 be used with the analogue Faller models?

No, the analogue Faller models cannot recognise the control commands of the permanent magnets item 8431. The models stop because they recognise the permanent magnets as a stop command.

How is the magnetic tape, item 8430 incorporated into the layout?

The magnetic tape is installed in the layout plate with the help of a surface milling machine. Care must be taken to ensure that the magnetic tape is laid flush with the road surface.

It makes most sense to mitre the individual magnetic tapes.

If you lay the tapes butt-jointed, it may result in a reversal of polarity when they touch.

Generally, a small gap is not a problem.

How much can the magnetic tape be cut up in order to obtain very tight curve radii?

There is no minimum length for the magnetic tape. However, the more pieces of magnetic tape are placed in a row the higher the susceptibility to malfunctions of the magnetic guidance of the vehicle.

At the cutting edges there is the possibility of a polarity reversal  or a change in the orientation of the magnetic field. This may lead to a rejection of the magnetic guidance of the vehicle.

The magnetic tape is, however, very flexible and can be fixed in tight curve radii with white glue or all-purpose glue to the underside so that it is not necessary to cut it up.

Why does the CarMotion vehicle not stop at the stop point of the Faller car system?

Check if the stop point have been mounted upside down or if the cables are properly connected.

Switch the cables of the coil. This is what Faller suggests on page 28 of their operation manual: “ In case of a polarity reversal just switch the two connection cables of the stop point.”

What is the maximum thickness of the roadway when using the magnetic tape?

As an orientation we take our Vollmer Stone Art roads. These have a thickness of 1 – 1.5 mm.

Why does my vehicle not recognise the magnet commands correctly?

When using magnetic tapes of other producers, the magnetic tape can exert a different influence on the sensor in the vehicle, e. g. due to difference in magnetic field strengths. 

In this case it may be helpful to calibrate the magnetic sensor in the vehicle above your magnetic tape, avoiding any further magnets in the close vicinity. This option is explained in the CarManager software under the menu “Service”.

The target value should be 50 % +/- 1 % and then the recognition of the magnet commands should work correctly.

Depending on the type of magnetic type, the distance between the magnets may have to be somewhat wider than suggested in the user guide. In this context, it can be useful to

experiment with the sensitivity values of the magnetic sensor. This can be found in the CarManager software under the menu “General Settings”, “Magnetic control”. 

When activating the test mode in this menu option you can also see at the roof beacons (if any) when the vehicle recognises the magnets in the roadway.

What is the minimum radius when driving trucks with trailers/semitrailers?

We recommend a minimum radius of 90 mm for trailers/semitrailers.

With our new steered rear axles (once they are available) you could go down as low as 75 mm.

Nevertheless, when planning the roadway, it must be taken into account that the trailer/semitrailer could drive further inwards or that it has to swing out somewhat. 

Vehicle does not move backwards or only briefly.

Possibly, with reversing key pressed, the vehicle stops and the reversing lights shine briefly, then the vehicle moves forward.

The reason may be the angle and the position of the remote control to the vehicle. As the commands are sent via infrared, transmitter and receiver have to be the correct distance apart.

If the vehicle does not execute the reversing command properly or not at all, the reason is probably the software of the vehicle. Up to software version 1.04, the problem was known. Version 1.04 fixes the problem with reverse driving. Make sure that you always install the latest version of the software on your vehicle.

What do I have to pay attention to if I want to build a level crossing for my CarMotion system with C-tracks?

In fact, it may look like a problem, but it isn't when you follow some rules.

1. Make the crossing of magnetic strips and tracks perpendicular if possible. This avoids unwanted steering movements when the magnet of the car crosses the rail.

2. Fill the gap between the rails either with the magnetic strip or some thicker wire of soft iron. It may work even better than the magnetic strip. Around the magnetic strip there are always some stray fields which may cause some faulty steering movements.

3. Take care for the clearance between wheels and the strip or wire. Make the gap at the rails as small as possible and as large as necessary.

4. Take care to avoid short circuits between the rails and the third electrical rail, when installing an iron wire instead of the magnetic strip.

How can the CarMotion vehicles be steered into a parking bay or bus stop, for example?

With our control of the models by means of the 4 mm permanent magnets, you can stop any vehicle. For example, it drives over a magnet with a south pole up, the brake lights go on and it comes to a stop at a subsequent magnet with a north pole up..
After that, it will automatically move off again after a time that you specify. All parameters such as speed, braking distance, waiting time, acceleration, lights etc. can be conveniently programmed individually for each vehicle.
Settings for braking distance, acceleration and the turn signals with an assigned permanent magnet sequence are already provided at the factory.

Which trailers/semi-trailers can be converted or attached to CarMotion vehicles?

Which trailers/semi-trailers can be converted or attached to CarMotion vehicles?



In general, all kibri trailers and semi-trailers are suitable for being coupled to CarMotion vehicles.

To retrofit the corresponding functions, you would need, for example, item 8420 H0 bumper with 

LED lighting for trailers and semi-trailers. 


For trailers and semi-trailers from other manufacturers, some DIY skills may be necessary. 

How long does the effect of the magnetic bath last?

The magnetic tape retains its magnetic force for life under normal use.

It is only affected by higher temperature (above 70°) and a larger (stronger) magnetic field.

What is the maximum gradient?

When using our Vollmer Stone Art roads, a gradient of 15 – 20 % is possible. With a smooth road surface the maximum gradient may be considerably lower.

What must be the distance between the permanent magnets item 8431 and the magnetic tape item 8430 so that the Hall sensor recognises the commands correctly?

The permanent magnets item 8431 should be placed with their centre 1 - 1.2 cm to the right of the guide wire or the magnetic tape item 8430 flat or just below the road surface. If possible, only use the permanent magnets for straight lines.

How long does a battery charge last?

With a full battery and normal operation with waiting times and various speeds a runtime of approx. 4 – 6 hours, and approx. 2 hours at max. speed (80 km/h) load is possible.


General informations

Why does my product not work in DC mode?

With many Viessmann products (e. g. moving figures or lamps), when operated in DC mode, the brown cable is connected to the + pole. Should your product not work, check the polarity.

What is the recommended distance between the displays (items 1394, 1395)?

It is recommended that the distance between displays should not exceed 60 cm, with the cable between the display and the control module not exceeding 30 cm. If the distance is greater, a trouble-free operation cannot be guaranteed. However, in some cases, it may be possible to use larger distances of up to 1 m or more under favourable conditions, but this must be tested on a case-by-case basis.


Why does my train derail due to the switchpoint light, item 4555

Item 4555 H0 Switchpoint light comprises two lantern bodies with different lengths. In case of a train derailment, check the lantern body you have used. Should you use the body with ca. 10.5 mm length, exchange it with the shorter one.

The sound module is not loud enough despite external speakers, how can I get the sound module even louder?

To increase the volume of external speakers on sound modules, please use an external amplifier. The maximum output power of the sound module is approx. 1W.

To connect an external amplifier, please refer to the following illustration:

Please be sure to observe the assignment of the connections on the jack plug!


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