Viessmann Modelltechnik GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 2a
D-35116 Hatzfeld-Reddighausen

Managing Director: Wieland Viessmann

Phone: +49 6452-93 400
Fax: +49 6452-93 4019

Registry court: Marburg Administrative Court
Registration number: HRB 4090
VAT Identification number: DE 192034503

Company purpose: Production as well as import and commercialization of model railway accessories and other model goods of all kinds.

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How are products shown by a search query?

For almost any search query there is a variety of suitable Viessmann products. In order to speed up the product search, we list the suitable products according to their highest relevance with your search query.
Your search is processed in the following way:

  • We check if the individual terms of your search queries are included in the information of a specific product. This product information include, e. g. the product name, the product description or keywords associated with the product.
  • Are your search terms part of the product information, the product is selected and becomes part of the search result.
  • The higher the match between the product information and your search query, the higher the chance of a product appearing at the top of the search result

We also determine how popular a product is among our customers. The following applies:

  • The more often a product has been purchased over the last several weeks, the higher the probability that you will like this product, too.

You can do the following with the displayed products acc. to your wishes:

  • filter, e. g. acc. to category, availability, brand name or price


  • regroup, e. g. by price, descending or ascending, popularity, item number, article description or date of introduction

Information requirements regarding the ElektroG

WEEE-Reg.-Nr.: DE 86057721
LUCID-Reg.-Nr.:  DE 1569639492356


Environmentally sound disposal of electrical and electronic equipment

muelleimer_mit_balken_elektrogesetzThe crossed out wheeled bin symbol that can be found on your product, instruction or package indicates that this product should not be disposed of via the normal household waste stream. To prevent possible harm to the environment separate this product from other waste streams to ensure that it can be recycled in an environmentally sound manner. For more details on available collection facilities please contact your local government office. Remove any batteries, rechargeable or not, that may be present in this product before scrapping it and dispose of them separately. This information only applies to customers in the European Union. For other countries, please contact your local government to investigate the possibility of recycling your product.

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