5229 Multiplexer for colour light signals with multiplex-technology

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Multiplexer für Lichtsignale mit Multiplex-
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The module is equipped with an integrated digital decoder. The decoder recognizes... more
Product information "Multiplexer for colour light signals with multiplex-technology"
The module is equipped with an integrated digital decoder. The decoder recognizes Märklin-Motorola format and NMRA-DCC. The module is suitable for one home- and one distant signals with Viessmann multiplex-technology, e. g. Ks-signals items 4040 – 4046 and standard light signals with multiplex-technology items 4720 – 4730. Equipped with Viessmann signalbus and Viessmann SpeedBus and can be controlled by push button panel items 5545 – 5547 by track contacts or by digital switching commands. Viessmann SpeedBus provides comfortable connection to the Viessmann Commander with automatic registration. Equipment and configurability of this module are identical with that of the control module for light signals without multiplex-technology item 5224. The module is able to control block distance sections and can automatically stop the train with train control module item 5228. This can be done by interrupting the track voltage in front of the signall or, even more prototypical, in case of digital systems by switching to the braking module item 5232 (for Märklin-Motorola) or braking generator/ABC-braking (for NMRA-DCC). The signal connection is done by a single plug-in. Authentic smooth transition of signal aspects. It is equipped with button for address setting, DIP-switch for configuration and LED status display.
H0 Mittelmast
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