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Motorola-Magnetartikeldecoder light
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52111 Motorola digital decoder light
Functions same as Motorola digital decoder item 5211, without its casing. Instead of sockets, this extremely economic version is equipped with soldering pads. 8 impulse outputs to switch turnouts and other solenoid accessories.The...
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In stock
5211 Motorola digital decoder
8 impulse outputs to switch turnouts and other solenoid accessories.The switches for the setting of 80 possible addresses are accessible from the outside. An external power supply can be connected to reduce load, this ensures the...
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Gleisbesetztmelder, 8-fach
Currently not available
5206 Track occupancy detector, 8-sections
To control and support 8 track sections. The outputs can be mounted directly to insulated track sections and detect every consuming vehicle. Suitable for AC- and DC digital voltage. Feedback decoders e. g. item 5217, relays items 5207,...
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