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Rauchgenerator groß, Durchmesser 4,5 cm
In stock
41282 Smoke generator large, diameter 4,5 cm
Burning time of one charge is about 150 minutes. Height: 4,5 cm. Operating voltage: 16 V ~.
€46.95 *
G Fachwerkhaus
In stock
41275 G Half-timbered house
This classic half-timbered building fits to typical countryside lifestyle. Dimensions: L 37 x W 30 x H 44 cm.
€205.95 *
G Streckentelefon
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41249 G Telephone hut
In the past the telephone hut was used along the track. So important information was transmitted by the keeper. Dimensions: L 6 x W 6 x H 10,5 cm.
€30.95 *
G Bahnwärterhaus
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41248 G Gatekeeper house
The gatekeeper house fits to epochs III and IV and is part of the railway. By electrification the gatekeeper house was obsoleted. However, even today a lot of these nice small houses can be admired. Dimensions: L 31 x W 25,5 x H 26,5 cm.
€164.95 *
G Gepäckwagen mit Gepäck
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41228 G Trolley with baggage
With this trolley the baggage is transported to the train station. Including 8 cases. Dimensions: L 10,5 x W 5,3 x H 7,8 cm.
€55.50 *