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H0 Schotterverteil- u. Profiliermaschine
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16060 H0 Track profile machine USP2000SWS PLASSER &...
Kit. Prototype data: Total mass 55 t, engine power approx. 400 kW, max. travelling speed 100 km/h, machine with 2 2-axle bogies for tracks and turnouts with gravel silo. Equipped with a divided center plough, suitable for ploughing in...
€105.50 *
H0 Schienen-Stopfexpress 09-3X PLASSER & THEURER
Currently not available
16050 H0 Tamping machine 09-3X PLASSER & THEURER
Kit. Prototype data: Lob 22,94 m, height above rail heads 4 m, width 2,9 m, axle base of bogies 1,8 m, axle base of aggregat frame 1,5 m, weight approx. 81 t. Engine power 400/507kW resp. 544/690 HP, max. self propelled speed 90/100...
RRP €91.50 *
H0 Teleskopkran GOTTWALD GS 100.06 T
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16000 H0 Telescopic crane GOTTWALD GS 100.06 T
Kit. Prototype data: Railbound heavy crane GOTTWALD GS 100.06 T with four 2-axle gears with 8 wheelsets, four of them propelled, lob 13 m. Bogie pin distance 8 m, working weight 128 t, max. speed as part of a train 120 km/h, own speed 20...
€69.95 *
H0 UNIMOG Abschmierfahrzeug GleisBau mit
In stock
10770 H0 UNIMOG lubricate vehicle GleisBau with...
Functional kit. With front- and rear lighting and 1 yellow flashing light. The model is high quality pad printed. Dimensions: L 7,1 x W 3,3 x H 4 cm. Level of difficulty: 2 (advanced).
€44.95 *
H0 Zweiwege Mobilkran LTM 1050-4 GleisBau mit LED-
In stock
10558 H0 Two-way mobile crane LTM 1050-4, GleisBau,...
Functional kit. With front and rear lighting and 2 yellow flashing lights. Prototype data: LIEBHERR mobile crane LTM 1050-4, 8-cylinder diesel engine with 260 kW/354 HP, max. lifting capacity 50 t, max. weight 44 t. The model is high...
€79.95 *
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