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N Fahrdraht 222 mm, 3 Stück
In stock
4331 N Catenary wire 222 mm, 3 pieces
Ready-to-install catenary wire with fixing holder for easy clip on the beam. Diameter 0,4 mm.
€11.30 *
N Anschlussmast
In stock
4311 N Power mast
The power mast offers a separated application of the upper contact wire by which the different power supplies can be assigned. So single sections can be switched currentless and fundamental frequency clocking is possible. With beam and...
€13.70 *
N Startset Oberleitung
Temporarily unavailable
4300 N Starter set Catenary
Catenary system for one oval track (120 cm x 54 cm), consisting of 22 masts item-No. 4310, 16 catenary wires 89 mm item-No. 4330, 6 catenary wires 222 mm item-No. 4331 and one height marker item No. 4396. To use the catenary system as a...
RRP €205.95 *
N Tunneloberleitungsset
In stock
4395 N Tunnel Catenary-Set
The set consists of 10 masts, 3 m catenary band and screws. For a quick and easy handling on single- and multitrack tunnel distances. Tunnel catenary is universal applicable to all common track systems. Even suitable for hidden sidings...
€59.95 *
N Ösen-Biegezange
In stock
4398 N Eyehook bending pliers
To shorten the universal catenary wires and for easy bending the fixing eyehooks.
€60.95 *
N Mastpositionslehre
In stock
4397 N Mast positioner
Using the Viessmann mast positioner is the easiest way to check the correct mast position and the distance between catenary wire to the track middle. For determining the correct mast position and checking the distance between catenary...
€7.70 *
N Fahrdrahtmontagelehre
In stock
4396 N Height marker
To ckeck the correct position of catenary wire.
€3.10 *
N Universal-Halterung für Ausleger, 5 Stück
In stock
4384 N Universal-holder for beam, 5 pieces
For additonal mounting of beams on the headspan masts.
€9.90 *
N Halteelement für Quertragwerk, 5 Stück
In stock
4377 N Bracket for spanbridge, 5 pieces
For the universal assembly of spanbridges.
€18.95 *
N Richtseile, Quertragseil und Isolatoren
In stock
4376 N Support span, cross span wires and insulators
For the universal assembly of spanbridges with maximum distance to middle mast of 250 mm.
€6.60 *
N Radspannwerk, einzeln
Scarce stock
4373 N Catenary tensioning mast, single
To assemble on tensioning- and tower masts, e. g. item-No. 4314 – 4317. Filigree metal work.
€21.95 *
N Ausleger, 5 Stück
In stock
4371 N Beam, 5 pieces
Suitable for all Viessmann N catenary masts. Middle crossarm: 18 mm.
€13.60 *
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