4472 N Digital semaphore home signal, with 2 uncoupled arms

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N Digital Form-Hauptsignal
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Gauge N Digital operation DCC Digital operation Märklin DC operation AC operation RailCom integrated
With filigree latticed brass mast and authentic varnishing. Printed signal arms. Powerful low... more
Product information "N Digital semaphore home signal, with 2 uncoupled arms"
With filigree latticed brass mast and authentic varnishing. Printed signal arms. Powerful low noise drive. Integrated multi protocol digital decoder for DCC/MM. Slow signal movement due to special underfloor drive unit. Even authentic single bouncing is individually adjustable. By factory setting the signal bouncing is adjusted. Compact overfloor drive is only 4,5 mm high and includes a decoder placed on the signal mast base. Maintenance free by LED lighting. Suitable for analogue and digital use. Configurable switching outputs can switch relays, e. g. for train control. Feedback via RailCom. For train control it is important to use a relay, due to the low maximum load of the contacts and the short pulse length, e. g. the electronic relay item 5226. Signal aspects Hp0, Hp1 and Hp2. Height: 7,2 cm. Drive unit: L 3,5 x W 1,6 x H 0,45 cm.
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Digital Form-Hauptsignale

Bei den früheren Formsignalen war eine Zugbeeinflussung integriert. Warum wurde bei der neuen Signalserie darauf verzichtet?

Die Neukonstruktion des Antriebs mit Digitaldecoder im Signalfuß ließ keine weitere Schalteinheit zu. Daher empfehlen wir zur Zugbeeinflussung unser elektronisches Relais Art. 5552 für die Signale Artikel 4470/4471 und für das dreibegriffige Signal Art. 4472 das Relais Art. 5226. Genaue Erklärungen dazu sind in der jeweiligen Anleitung enthalten.

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