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Z Form-Vorsignal, Scheibe beweglich
In stock
4806 Z Semaphore distant signal, movable disk
With filigree brass mast, authentic varnishing, printed signal disk and underfloor compact drive unit. Integrated main switching contacts arrange authentic stop. Next main signal shows stop. For authentic slow motion function only item...
€63.50 *
Z Licht-Sperrsignal, nieder
In stock
4818 Z Colour light stop signal, low
Signal in standard construction, with base socket for easy mounting. With each 2 red and white LEDs, maintenance free. It is the world’s smallest serially produced light signal model. Signal aspects Sh0 and Sh1. Suitable control module:...
€26.50 *
Z Licht-Blocksignal
In stock
4811 Z Colour light block signal
Signal in standard construction, with filigree brass mast, authentic varnishing and base socket for easy mounting. With 2 LEDs, maintenance free. Signal aspects Hp0 and Hp1. Compatible control module: Item 5221. Height: 3,4 cm.
€25.50 *
Z Form-Hauptsignal, einflügelig
In stock
4800 Z Semaphore home signal, single-arm
With filigree latticed brass mast and authentic varnishing, printed signal arm and underfloor compact drive unit with integrated train control. Maintenance free by LED lighting. Signal aspects Hp0 and Hp1. Height: 4,8 cm.
€56.95 *