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Commander 2 Art. 5320
Commander Art. 5300

Commander 2 Development and Delivery

Dear Model railroaders and Commander friends !

With the new Commander 2, we are once again setting new standards and do not simply want to implement the basic functions of the old Commander without adding any truly groundbreaking new functions. It is true that the new Commander 2 has repeatedly been put on the back burner by other important projects and developments. Nevertheless, we are continuing to work on Commander 2. In the meantime, we have continued to develop both hardware and software and have brought in 2 external developers in addition to our internal staff. Another reason why Commander 2 has not been pushed forward so quickly is that CarMotion has given rise to new important requirements that we want to integrate at the same time.

We are currently planning to deliver the Commander 2 in 2025. 

We hope for your understanding and thank you for your patience. 

Your Viessmann Team