Gleisbestztmeder 5206 mit Digital Bremsmodul 51232

  • Hi,

    Is it possible to use a brake module 5232 on a section of track that you want the Gleisbestztmeder 5206 to detect that a train is present?


    Ist es möglich, ein Bremsenmodul 5232 auf einem Abschnitt der Schiene zu benutzen, dem Sie das Gleisbestztmeder 5206 ermitteln wünschen, dass ein Zug anwesend ist?


  • Why? Do you need the 5206 to report the occupied state for other reasons? 5232 in itself detects the occupation and needs to help with that; But I guess you also want to indicate occupation somewhere?


  • Well,
    I do think you'll have to await an official answer. You could also try; connecting the 5206 first, and the power both the "rt" of 5232, and the signal red cable (not the one conneted to 5232, the other) by it. There is a chance that 5232 draws litte power in itself, and therefore, power will only be consumed when there is a loco present. However, it could also happen that it indicates "occupied" all the time, and even, when the train stopps, it draws to little power to indicate "occupied" any longer.


  • Sorry to hear that. Then I can't think of any solution. Your options apear to be
    - trigger 'occupied' in other ways. If you use 3R, isolated rail-principle could be used i this place.
    - Skip the 5206 and do the same with a relay and a contact track instead. That is, make a whole isolated section of the two first setions used by 5206, place a contact track where the train should start breaking. Use a 5552 relay, with one of the relays switching in phase with the signal, and controlling if the second should be active. The second is active when the signal is red, meaning that a train at contact track switches the second relay. When this happens, DC is fed to the brake setion instead of digital current. A simple diode+capacitator is enough to get proper DC, and all current could be fed from 5232, without any power consumtion except when the train is present.

    See my home page at
    for more info.

    -5224 is another very good way; it does the same as my relay suggestion, but also controls the aspects of a light signal. It needs a 5228, diode and capacitator as well, and is combined with the 5232.

    Kind regards,
    Lars Westerlind.

  • Thank you for the suggestion. Before I try that, something occurred to me, could I put the 5206 on one side of the track and the 51232 on the other? Since the Marklin track uses AC might that work?

  • Sorry, I don't follow. Are you running ordinary Märklin with 3Rail (center studs) or 2rail? Do you say that you isolate the rails as well and connect the 5232 to the rails instead of the center? If so, does it work also when the train brakes? Good idea then.