Lenz LB101 Current Sensors work with a Viessmann 5217

  • Hi:

    I have a considerable investment in Lenz hardware, as it was my first system. So
    I have been trying to migrate this equipment to Commander.

    For a while I have been trying to find out if a Lenz LB101 (current sensor) could be used with a
    Viessmann 5217 or similar S88 device. I got some negative responses. So I
    shelved the idea for a while. I just decided to revive the idea. This is what I found.

    I was able to migrate the LS150 (turnout controllers) and they worked perfectly. But the LB101/LR101
    occupancy combination was a problem.

    I gave up on the LR101 (occupancy Decoder) because Jurgen Meier informed me, in an earlier post, that it was incompatible, due to the Lenz proprietary RS bus. So I decided to focus on the LB101.

    Some research found that the LB101's output is nothing but a transistor switch. It's the transistor section of a opto isolator. Nothing proprietary here.

    Well just as I thought, the LB101 works perfectly with a Viessmann 5217. With
    the added benefit of 16 current monitored occupancy zones instead of 8 as in the Viessmann
    5233 and others.

    Now this probably would not be cost effective to buy 8 LB101's and a 5217. When
    a ready made Viessmann 5233 is available. But it sure fits, for someone like me.
    Since I am now able to re-use existing equipment.

    I hope this helps someone out there.

    Viessmann Commander 5300. (3) Viessmann 5217 used with (24) Lenz LB101 for (48) Occupancy zones. (1) Viessmann 5302 Coupler. (6) Lenz LS150 & (1) Digitrax DS64 for (36) Kato turnouts and (4) Kato double crossovers. N Scale Kato Unitrack .