Please HELP! How to transfer functions to cars in consists?

  • Hello!

    I wish to transfer functions to cars in consists.
    How i can do this?

    I need consists because i have shunting work and need to change locos and cars in trains.

    See also small video:

    Let us consider the following example:

    I make consist by means of Viessmann Commander using menus under icon with 2 lokos, and have in it:
    a) Loko as master and
    b) Train cars (which were created as another loko) with another DCC address, with light functions F1, F2 - as slaves,

    As a result: function F1 and F2 does not pass from loko DCC to DCC addresses of slave cars in consist.

    1) How i can repair this?

    I need shunting work, like at my video, but i can not shut on/off lights of attached train in consist.

    2) a)How i can achieve this using automation? How i can make composite names for ZNR fields(in route commands) and b) where is the operation functions between coupling/decoupling using for managing of consists as made in command stations of other manufacturers ?


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    Thanks for respond!

    Can You answer me at 4 following questiuons:

    1) How can i participate in Viessmann development group for Commander?

    2) Where is the development and Betta-tester forum?

    3) How can i start to be as a Betta-tester?

    4) How about answer at my queastion about function transfer to slave cars at consist?


  • Hello Vadim,
    I'm not going reply to your personal questions. This are not related to the task and haven't sense for the appropriate forum.
    You can send only this questions with a direct email to Viessmann.
    The point with the function decoder is easy to answer.
    For the light f0, it can function both in two ways, use the multi traction as well ore the same address in the decoder as well as use in functions decoders.
    Should also f1 - f12 are switched together, there is only the same address in both decoders posible.
    The multi-traction served at f1-f12 the leading loko only.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
    Viessmann Modelltechnik GmbH

    iA Jürgen Meier

  • Quote from Jürgen Meier

    Should also f1 - f12 are switched together, there is only the same address in both decoders posible.
    The multi-traction served at f1-f12 the leading loko only.

    What is the sense of doing so? Please explain.

    But how to transer function f1-f24 to slave cars of consist?

    During shunting one can join to the same loco quite different cars with DCC decoders at different DCC addresses with interior light function at F1(for example).
    By the other hand: often changing CV1 in aim to equalize DCC addresses of cars and loco will lead to very fiddly procedure using programming track.
    It's obvious that this function must be easy transfered using consist,
    Also would be too useful to have ZNR names which must support composite names, and route editor must have coupling/decoupling functions.

    Also please make automatical name transfer from one block to another when You moves loco by hand.
    Using track diagramm and implementing new bridge symbol, Commander's firmware can restore all chain of adjacent tracks and nodes, and can exactly pass name of loco when it moves by hand.
    A BIG ADVANTAGE will follow: Where is no need in Safe matrix. It will be created automatically from track diagramm and feedback information only! Now Commander have very un-effective use of track diagramm for point of automation.

    Also it's easy to detect collisions, and if You mark trak as with "aggressive traffic" - coupling/decoupling incindent automatically will be detected and proceed!

    Please do this at next firmware!