Windmill 5170

  • I have recently bought a Windmill 5170. It seems to have a new type of electric motor, with a reduction gear. Please tell me the specifications of this motor (maximum / minimum voltage) as I would like to experiment with it (variable speed driven by a PIC). Thank you.

  • Hi Jurgen and many thanks for your answer !

    I want to replace the electronic board with one I will make myself, and I only need to know the maximum voltage/current the motor can withstand, as I do not want to 'fry' it. I do not need any other specific data.

    I am doing this only for my own personal use and, if successful, I will share my solution with you, so you can incorporate it in future variants if desired.

    PS. I have a not-so-good experience with the previous version of windmill, that had a different electronic board and probably no reduction gear, that at some point completely stopped working (probably burnt motor).

  • Update:

    - with 0.7V DC the windmill does NOT rotate.
    - with 0.8V DC the windmill rotates AFTER a higher voltage pulse (2.2V for 2.5ms).
    - for the moment, I am using three different voltages that seem to work reliably: 0.8V (minimum speed), 1.5V (medium speed) and 2.2V (high speed).

    The visual effect seems quite realistic as well...

  • Hallo,

    ich melde mich spät und auf Deutsch.

    Ich habe die Windmühle 3702 und den Brunnen 5805vermutlich haben die einen ähnlichen Motor.
    Ich steure beide mit einem Attiny 45 über einen PWM_Ausgang mit einer nachgeschalteten
    Der Attiny 45 wird mit 5V=versorgt, die Verstärkerstufe und damit der Motor mit 9V=.
    Das funktioniert prima stufenlos regelbar mittels Potentiometer an einem Attiny-Eingang.
    Die Schaltung mit Programm ist zusammenstellbar aus Schaltungen aus dem Buch fritzing zum
    Arduino-Board. Den attiny habe ich ebenfalls über den Arduino programmiert.
    Anleitungen hierzu sind im Internet leicht auffindbar.
    Vielleicht konnte ich ein wenig Anregung geben.

    Viel Grüße
    Dieter Riethenauer

    Commander 1.402, seit 12.07, Fleischm.profigleise N
    Viessmann u. Uhlenbrock Schalt/Magnetartikeldekoder
    Rocco RM 10787 am LSB hinter Viessmann BM 5206,
    Viessmann Booster ECO4, Win 10- 64bit

  • Hi Dieter and thanks for your suggestion !

    I think that 9V might be too much for the tiny motor in windmill. I am afraid its contacts wont last long. This is what happened with my previous version of windmill.