s88 Feedback with Commander

  • Hi All,

    I am new to the forum :)
    Just getting up to speed with the Commander and I have question about s88 feedback w/Commander.
    I have Marklin s88 connected to the Commander and I have 2 circuit tracks on my test layout connected
    to s88 for the total of 4 feedback points. And so I enter feedback setup screen.

    1) What address do I put into FB-ENCODER GROUP?
    2) There is crossed out symbol of Viessmann on the left in the touch menu column - what does it signify?
    3) On top of the screen there are 4 control boxes; blue arrow in the first and 3 more. What are they for and
    how does one use them?
    4) Is there a way to manually trigger circuit contact and see Commander acknowledging the event?

    My goal is to setup shuttle trains operations as follows: setup automatic route as follows:
    - Have train depart from Start of the route
    - Have turnouts swicth to the appropriate route (this already works)
    - Stop the train once it triggers circuit track at the End of the Route
    - Wait predetermined time
    - Go back

    Your help is greatly appreciated!

  • Hello Mike,

    the feedback contacts are organized in groups of 8 contacts. The first module of the s88 uses the contact number 01 - 08, the second 11 - 18, the third 21 - 28 and so on. You can find these numbers in the i-/o- device editor next to the list entry. So if you want to edit a feedback contact in the editor you must enter the leading number of the contacts as group numbe, e.g 0 for the contact 01 - 08.

    With the red crossed symbol you can hide the schematical feedback modul in the centre of the screen.

    The blue arrow to the left is used the deleted the last enters feedback track field. The bar graph in the centre shows how many track fields you have entered allready. UP to 45 field can be added to a feedback contact. The two buttons on the right are for testing the feedback illumination. With the grey recangle you can turn off the illumination and with the red one you can turn it on.

    No, you can not trigger the event manually. You can test the illumination like discribed above and you can see in the direct mode if the feedback contact is recognized by the commander. There is a field on the left side whicht shown one group of 8 feedback contacts. If they are occupied the green dot will turn into red. The modul can be selected by the buttons "gpr+" and "grp-".