mfx+ loko automatic identification on the programming track

  • Dear Jurgen,
    recently I have bought a Marklin V200 diesel lok (37801) mfx+ digital decoder. I tried to automatic identify on the programming track the digital format, but on the Commander's screen was displayed the red message "Short at the programming" and the lokomotive was not recognized.
    Does this mean that the mfx+ protocol is not still supported by Commander? (consider that I have installed the new 1.4 software version).

    Please can you help me in find a solution to the problem?

  • please shut down all function's in your loko.
    The programm track is reduced in power and shold save yout equipment.
    Otherwise put your Loko on the Main and drive the V200 with the direct modus.
    drives your loko without problems ? start again the scann on the programm track. ( without light and all funktions )
    It should works properly

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
    Viessmann Modelltechnik GmbH

    iA Jürgen Meier