Can the 5104 be programmed with a loc. address and F1-F4

  • Hi,
    I have bought a Viessmann 5104. Can I program this unit with a locomotive address and a F1-F4 (like address 78 and F1 for up and F2 for down)
    I can do this with your Viessmann 5231 (they can be programmed with a loc. address and F1-F4)
    Thanks for answering me.
    Abe Wertheim

    • Official Post

    Dear Customer,
    it's not possible to move the Barrier with a Loko function Adress.
    Only DCC an Motorola switch adresses works with the includet Decoder.
    The function Adress working is a old Märklin tool for the first Mobile station, and is not includet.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
    Viessmann Modelltechnik GmbH

    iA Jürgen Meier