setting up a DKW in track diagram

  • Hello,

    I am new to the 5300, setting up my first track diagram and programming the turnouts.
    Everything is going well, except for setting up a DKW (Double turnout).
    I followed the instructions on page 100 of Manual 1.2, set the two illuminated turnouts in the proper orientation, saved the track diagram and returned to the main screen, where two blue squares surrounded the two turnouts. I set the address for one of them, again per the instructions, and saved and closed the Turnout editor. Now I see a blue sqaure around the secound turnout. Do I need to set it with the same address as the first one? I thought it would automatically take over the secound switch icon and switch them together on the screen?
    Perhaps I am doing something wrong?


  • My experience is that double turnouts have to be linked to operate together as they can not have the same address.

    On the track plan you show one operating turnout next to a black non operating turnout.

    This works well.


    Commander with S88 Littfinski feedback for track monitoring and reed switches.

    5 amp booster connected to the CDE port.

    Lenz LI-USB interface connecting to a laptop via the LSB bus using RocRail software to drive trains manually via an Android phone.

  • Thank you John, I was going to try that.
    The manual is misleading, as it shows the two turnouts indicating together. Oh well.