Continue command =? How to visualize virtial contact values?

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    To 1): Continue, this command is only available in route map 7.

    This function gives the commander the command to check in advance if the next route is free and can be executed. This way there is no short stop at the end of the running route. If the following route is free, the train continues without stop. Thereby the expired route is resolved.

    Functions and commands after the continue entry are no longer executed.

    So everything that is to be resolved, such as switches and signals must be entered before the Continue Command.

    The stop command of the locomotive comes after Continue in the entry behind, that should be prevented.

    To 2): you cannot display virtual feedback.

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  • Thank You for fast respond.

    Another questions:

    1) Does FOLGE (aka Conductor - blue man icon) command calls execution of one manual route from multiple other routes with different locomotives which call it via "FOLGE" simultaneously. It will be blocked (overload happenes) or executed with guarantee for all different locos in this routes?

    Another questions (because virtual contacts cannot be visualized or checked :(

    2) Does the values of virtual contacts saved for constant memory of device when it shut's down?

    3) Does the values of virtual contacts remains after route reset (red cross in lower right angle of screen)?

    Aim: Prevent locomotive direction confuse in next start of Commander or after routes reset using it as a meaning of locomotive direction written by route which stopped at this track, in a next route in feedback page as a condition of appropriate route start ( or block unappropriate) for continue motion in correct side, while the same stop track is used for both direction of one type locomotives (passenger, for ex. ). Passenger locos arrived forward , must continue mooving forward, and vice-versa.

    4) When next update of Commander 1 will be released?

    Option for fixation and wishes :

    a) Notes(text) at route diagram requires DCC addresses(why?), it have a bug.

    b) Wish to have "page of start condition logic" at route editor, for condition of route start, but with contacts not in safe matrix - avoiding blocking of routes from checked contacts) .

    c) Wish to have expanded capacity of safe matrix ( now all routes exceed 24 mutual crossings are unconditionally blocked ).

    c1) Wish to have expanded capacity of all fields ( feedback, swiching, on the way... pages) .

    d) Wish to have turnouts check by feedback contacts and appropriate logic of route start waiting and alarm signal.

    e) Wish to have expanded logic of signals working outside routes (2, 3, 4 - sighn autoblocking regime ) using turnout positions and feedback as a soure of information. Type: Route control, automatic control( from route - only enable , signals - according sensors and turnouts)

    f) Adjustable speed of S88.

    g) Program track output usage as separate signal DCC (for turnouts and signals accesory bus).

    g) External mouse to USB (sensor of touch screen have extremely low resouce ) or ability to control screen doings via PC. (as made in ESU ECOS).

    h) Block for Multi-track automobile crossing with it's own logic from feedbacks.

    i) At "on the way" page - for each contact - ability for multiple commands instead "FOLGE"(conductor) call external route. A lot of external routes. No free space!

    j) Allow to load multiple scenario of route list.

    - If no update - it's worth to create Open-Souce project!

    4) Please advice appropriate type of more dependable touch screen with capacitive sensors.


    Thanks a lot,