Custom software development for Commander

  • Hello all,

    For my z-scale model railroad I’m looking for a digital DCC central that can be connected to the PC. The Viessmann Commander seems to be a very good choice. However, it seems not to be supported by a lot of popular software programs like Koploper. This is not a big problem for me because I finally like to develop my own software, so my question is if someone has experience with developing own custom software for the Commander. Some specific questions I have are:

    • Does the Commander use some open protocols for the communication over USB and where can I find the description of it?
    • Are there some extendable open source, freeware and or commercial computer software programs for Microsoft Windows available supporting the commander?
    • Are there software libraries (preferable COM or Microsoft .NET) available supporting the Commander.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hallo Dutch Z,

    you must get that Question in the Forum for
    Commander and GBS upside.

    I don't know any softwar at that time.
    I think the commander is too new.
    Later Viessmann will get something, i think.
    Please wait for an answer of Viessmann, perhaps.

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