Turnout swiching by pressing on central knob-Please Make it

  • Hello.

    Now i ll speak about Loco&diagramm mode:

    Using Commander about a month, I decide, that it would be more convenient to
    switch turnoutns not only by hand-pin but also using pressing on central knob (joystick)

    Now (in V 052) this feature is free. (not used)

    Using hand pin only - sufficiently fiddly procedure.

    Using movement on diagram by JoyStick and swiching turnouts by pressing on it - would be too pretty!

    May be there ase some programmers, who programm this Commander, and may be this feature would be seen in new version.


  • Hallo Vadim

    its certainly a good idea.
    But please think about there are some other things, wich must be include into the Commander.
    They are promised a long time before.
    There is also railcom wich must done.
    And therefore i please you, don´t be angry, if your wishes will not be in the next update.
    The commder is a good machine.
    And it get better and better.
    Your wishes help for that, too.

    Viel Grüße
    Dieter Riethenauer

    Commander 1.402, seit 12.07, Fleischm.profigleise N
    Viessmann u. Uhlenbrock Schalt/Magnetartikeldekoder
    Rocco RM 10787 am LSB hinter Viessmann BM 5206,
    Viessmann Booster ECO4, Win 10- 64bit

  • Thanks, Viel Grüße!

    I ll newer will be angry!
    I know doctoral psychology, and also i know that to implement new feature into device - is a big work!

    Some summarisation of all obvious wunsches i also wrote at "Wünsche/Verbesserungsvorschläge" section of this forum.

    With great respect!


  • Hallo Vadim,

    I´m glad to hear that.
    I thank you for your understanding,
    because there are many things Viessmann had to
    get into the commander.
    Ít`s good, that it is able, to write the things here
    wich we wish.
    I think, the one ore the other will get to the commander.

    Pleaase excuse my english.
    It´s 50 years ago that I need it but i think it`s
    good you get a feedback, too.
    I think, hope, someone of viessmann will get you a competent answer, too.

    Viel Grüße
    Dieter Riethenauer

    Commander 1.402, seit 12.07, Fleischm.profigleise N
    Viessmann u. Uhlenbrock Schalt/Magnetartikeldekoder
    Rocco RM 10787 am LSB hinter Viessmann BM 5206,
    Viessmann Booster ECO4, Win 10- 64bit

  • Thanks, driethenauer! All ok!
    If You know ViessMann Programmers, please tell him about these wishes (Wunsches).

    I published it in Wunsche section of this forum, but there are nobody, who answered me.

    Therefore i ll repeat it there:


    Now i ll summarize:

    1) In Loco/Diagramm mode - ability to switch thrnouts by pressing on central knob (joystick)
    (without hand pen - this is not so convenient in some cases)

    2) In Diagram Editor mode: - Ability to draw text fields (needs for enumerations of objects and names )

    3) In Diagram Editor mode: - Add special element for bridges/underway

    4) In Signal/switches mode - for turnouts - Add as additional page option for turnout's swiching feedback, including using free s88 contacts (atttached to reed relay groop of turnout switch machine) It needs for Commander to know turnout's position in case of starting and in case of manual switching by hardware panel or other trottle, when automation works. This is also need for improoving dependability of whole system.

    4.1)In Signal/switches mode - for turnouts - Add as another additional page option for turnout's occupancy feedback. (also s88 contacts). Some turnouts a soldered to feedback tracks, but there are still no imagination in Commander. For more good representation of diagramm it is worth to make this occupancy feedback.
    SIMPLY, please change the COLOR of turnout from YELLOW to RED!

    4.2) Also add ability for feedback to added bridge/underway module as well as to stop end buffer modules.
    It will meke diagram more compact and readable!

    5) In Backup/Photos option - Add ability to save on PC and print diagrams and routes (may be some other)

    6) Add ability for RailCom indentification using together with Viessmann 5303 RailCom detector.

    7) Another wunche probably can lead to hardware changes: I mean to make the Commander to be compartible with ZIMO Can Bus. This bus has occupancy detectors with loco identification, but require 2 insulated blocks for communication (tilling of blocks, as i understood, is not possible)

    8) In Loco/Diagramm mode - It would be too convenient to make the ability to INDICATE thrnout address and track feedback information from the Cursor position.
    This indication can be done below GBS coordinates at reserved place (Between two locos).

    9)In Diagram Editor mode: It would be convenient to rotate the element by left Knob and change the element from whole list - by the right knob (Now, in v052 both knobs are doing the same )

    11) In Loco / Diagram : It would be pretty to realise more fine scale for imagination, when all whole diagramm are placed at display. This is need to see and estimate all feedback tracks of largest layout.
    Please add additional fifth scale to scale icon.

    12) In Diagram Editor mode: It would be pretty to realise CUT/PASTE/MOVE operations, using, for example :
    Pressing and hold arrow(loco direction) and press simultanously for selection/deselection multiple objects by central Knob.
    Then holding arrow released - all selected objects can be copyed/cuted or mooved.
    Side pressos central Knob - whole set of selected objects moved
    Rotate left Knob - whole set of selected objects rotated
    Press - on central knob - objects placed and deselection processed.
    Press on left knob - objects deleted to buffer.
    Press on right knob - objects appeared from the buffer (it would be helpful to move objects between 3 diagramms)
    Rotate right knob - Undo/redo stages processed with small indication window.

  • Quote from pierre.bln

    Hi Vadim,

    As always, I can always only agree with you, on all your requests. Although personnaly, I will always put Railcom as my first desire :)

    Yes, I ll areee, RailCom woud be too pretty, but, as i understood, the present Commander's programm v052 is still too "raw". Commander's programmers must firstly remove main, essential bugs, and make Commander dependable and flexible. I also wish it, and therefore i m trying to discuss and find out a solutions for important railroad situations, or if this is unable right now - i tell about it in aim to be solved in new version.

    For example:
    - There is a small "on the way" command entries. May be there are another solution? How to take into account about 20 block section along long route(different speed limitsand taking effects)? May be it needs to modify Commanders programm? I dont know.
    -The stop section contact dont taking by Commander as "feedBack Respect contact" - also not so convenient, and this stop contact i must add to small "respect contacts" section, where is no free space! How to do it?
    -Route with specific Loco also starts when at ZNR field appears any another loco, and all routes can suspend because another loco will stay(because there are only cpecific loco commands), and on the contrary: specific loco can produce illegal movement, being away at another route.
    How to solve this problem and make route for specific loco which cannot be activated by any other, presenting at start ZNR field?