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    Thanks for that info.

    First I checked the Commander documentation but there was nothing in that.

    its a pity that Viessmann never delivered the original mimic panel that was promised when the Commander was released, however using the Koppler looks like a reasonable solution.

    Is it possible to use a second commander as the control for points and signals whilst keeping the first for locos, or using both to give 4 loco control knobs?


    Connection problems are with Commander and Viessmann 5229 multiples unit. I'll check both straight through and reversed to see.

    Yes, you're probably right. The Xpressnet cable and the LSB cable seem to have different pin config; maybe one is straight through and one is reversed. I've tried the Roco xpressnet withoput success.

    US supply is not a problem since I live there for half the year!

    Thanks Dieter, but not sure the dealers are the ones that are sleeping. The other parts they ordered from Viessmann (another 5229 and a 4040) arrived quickly but for some reason, Viessmann don't seemt to have stock of the cables needed to get it to work together using the LSB bus.

    One solution might be for me to buy a crimp tool and the plugs and make my own but shouldn't be needed. Maybe I could make a business supplying those dealers who can't get the cables from Viessmann :ugeek:

    The Roco cables don't work, presumably because the pin orientation or reversal is different. I tried 3 Roco cables.

    Quote from Jürgen Meier

    you can order the Viessmann number 5390, 5391, 5392 and 5393 by your Dealer.
    The cable are non changed connectet in the plug. pin 1-6 on both side.

    Thank you.

    I already ordered these but it is frustrating that delivery for a simple cable is taking so long, since I have had the multiplex units and signals for some weeks.

    Trying to get Commander to control Viessmann signals through multiplexer 5229 using automatic configuration through LSB connection. Unfortutely it seems impossible to obtain from Viewssmann dealers the LSB cables. IS the configuration of the cables different from normal cables used by Roco and Lenz with the same connectors?

    Last week my Commander arrived from DCC Supplies (superb service and excellent price - thank you!).

    Fist impressions: high quality piece of equipment, excellent display.

    Just been playing with it and importing first locos. Impressed with ease of reading CV and adding loco to roster, however not as intuitive as I would like. I'm sure it will become easier with practice and I really like the available pics in the editor. I will need to add some more pics on the special locos so I'll report on how easy (or difficult) that is.

    Less success with adding signals using 5229 multiplexer. Instructions seem a bit limited. Instructions indicate that address allocated automatically but it doesn't seem to be working on my system. I'll study the reference manual again to see what I'm doing wrong.

    I'm spending some time getting used to set-up on a test track before rushing to replace my Lenz system on the big layout. :roll: