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    Thank you Jürgen, please can you advise which feedback decoder I would use for my Fleischmann Sound Trains?
    also I don't have the short English introduction on my DVD, incidentally my DVD was badly scratched when I purchased the Commander, I did ask for a replacement but never got one.
    Chuff Chuff..

    Hi Chuff..

    Mine also does not have this English introduction, did this appear on a later DVD version?

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    of the following Webpage you find the german "Referenzhandbuch" (Reference handbook):

    Into this "Referenzhandbuch" (Version 0.9 from 04.03.2009) you find the manual or instructions for the "Back-Up-Software" in german.

    Thank you very much for your help, but where can I get all this translated into English? not just for myself, but for all the other English Speaking Commander users..

    Does anyone know what the actual updates are? is there a list somewhere?

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    The update removes well known mistakes and improves the device with more functions. It is always better you do use the actual update version.

    best regards

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    I'll write in English, but you may reply in German. I just purchased the Commander and have everything working (including track occupancy/Rueckmeldung) except the route control/Fahrstrasseneditor. I cannot get a simple shuttle route to work; very frustrating. Can someone please walk me through (in detail) the exact steps in programming a simple shuttle/Pedelzug route? I have a test track with three occupancy sections using the Viessmann 5233 decoders. Thanks/Vielen Dank. RS

    Hi Vielen, I am at the exact stage as yourself, I have a test track just the same with three occupancy sections using the Viessmann 5233 and I cannot go any further with this, so I am eager to get some (in detail) instructions.

    Please.. There is just one question I would like to ask about connecting up the 5233, Do the wires that run from the 5233 to all the isolated track sections actually power those particular section of isolated track? or do they have to be powered separately from the normal track power lines?

    Hi all..

    I am asking this question not only for myself but a friend who also would like to know...

    I have been trying to get my head around setting up a shuttle route,

    I'm just making a test track to start off with;
    I have 5 insulated sections all with separate track feed and each of the these 5 sections
    have a wire connecting to 5 of the connections on the Viessmann 5233
    feedback decoder.

    I won't go any further until I have confirmation that I have this correct?
    or have I got it all wrong???

    Sorry I post my question now, I think you have misunderstood my question, I liked the look of the manufacture of the test track that was used on the DVD, please can you let me know who the manufacture is for this particular track and the other tracks on your main layout.
    Many Thanks

    Trauriger i-Pfosten meine Frage jetzt, denke ich, dass Sie meine Frage missverstanden haben, mochte ich den Blick der Fertigung der Testschiene, die auf dem DVD benutzt wurde, kann bitte Sie informiere mich, wem die Fertigung für diese bestimmte Schiene und die anderen Schienen auf Ihrem Hauptplan ist. Viel Dank Paul.


    "Hello Paul. Sorry, in the Forum you must put this question under "Allgemeine Fragen" and not under Tipps and Tricks.
    I cannot understand your question concerning the test track. Do you know how to install a Commander test track? If not:
    for recording locos you must have a short track, electrically isolated and connectec with a connecting plastic part to the Commander to B 0 Prog. (in german Programmiergleis). For running locos you must connect your run tracks to B 0 Main. But first you have do indicate the data of you loco putting the loco on the
    test track. Normally the Commander will readout the digital address of the loco out of the loco decoder and put in on the screen of the commander and in card 1.
    If not you can indicate the digital address."


    Found them, thank you very much.
    In future updates it would be nice to have more symbols for other sounds like closing doors, steam venting, and one for station announcements like Fleischmann have on function 8 of their loco's.
    Once again thank you very much for your help.
    Kindest Regards
    Paul Garwood

    Gefunden worden ihnen, vielen Dank. In den zukünftigen Updates würde es nett sein, mehr Symbole für anderes zu haben klingt wie schließend Türen, dämpft Lüftung und eine für Stationansagen, wie Fleischmann auf Funktion 8 ihres loco' haben; s. Vielen Dank noch einmal für Ihre Hilfe.
    Freundlichster Respekt
    Paul Garwood

    Thank you so much for these instructions, I had to re do the updates in the end and then I could go and recalibrate the screen, it's strange how the first update pushed the calibration off.
    Please I have one further question, when I am on the Loco functions editor page, how do I find page 2 of these functions?

    Please.. Please.. Mr Viessmann

    Can you produce a supplement to your instructions on how to:

    (1) Do a systems re-set on the commander.

    (2) How to re-calibrate the screen on the commander.

    From my own experience it happened after one of the up-dates, it's either "1.018" or "1.021" that knocks the screen calibration off line.

    We all love the commander but it all seems unfair that we have to bluff our way through it by messing about and pressing buttons.

    It's a major problem not having a manual in English that tells you how to do it, and I don't know if it's on the German DVD? because mine was unplayable, but to see this procedure on a DVD would be even better.

    I do very much hope that when the GBS appears at the end of the year that there will be English instructions???

    Kindest Regards
    Paul Garwood

    Dear Ingo,
    I do very much appreciate your offer to help and you are very kind, but this lack of English support is very frustrating, as with scrolling to locate loco symbols that, in my case are simply not there, and having the controller completely lock-up on you and the only way to switch off is to pull the plug on it, it's a nightmare, this should not be happening.
    Do Viessmann ever reply to e-mails of help? I have sent 3 and still awaiting response.
    Kind Regards

    Quote from Cool Games

    I am also trying the same.
    All I do to continue is fill in all the red dots even if blank then I press in a blank dot less menu choice After "calibration" choice !

    Has anyone figured out what is in the blank dots in this menu ?

    Hi there,, Don't you think it's discusting the way we are treated by Viessmann in Germany? they ignore your e-mails & requests for help etc.. All we want is help! on how to do a re-set, is this some closely guarded secret?

    I've tried always, I held the speedcontrol for 3 seconds but nothing happens, I can't even switch the thing off by the button.

    Thank you.. I am on the screen RE-SET System and I have 2 choices, PRE-SET DIGITAL SYSTEM DCC