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    the timer switch 5208 can be integrated with the shuttle train control 5214. This requires that the sockets 10 + 11 on 5214 are be connected with the sockets 10 + 11 on the 5208 accordingly. This works even when several 5208 are to be integrated into a shuttle route.

    Thank you, it sounds easy


    In addition to our club train -layout in n-scale,we are having a tram pendel system using your 5214, but since the layout is fairly large, we wanted to add a couple of stops in addition. We have therefore bought 5208 as well. Do these go together?, and how will they be wired? The trams use DC.
    We were also talking about using 2 or 3 trams with double lines at each end, when one tram comes in to the end station, the next one leaves for the other end and so on.Will that be possible with 5214 AND 5208. Only one tram will be moving at any one time.

    00000 ---------!--------!------------ 00000

    Best regards

    I have put my Commander away. Don't use it any more. The reason: Most information is in German, and being a Norwegian, my German is not good enough to get my Commander going properly. I have been waiting for translations since I bought the Commander about 2 years ago. But so far the only answer we get is: It will come when we are ready.
    And for the same reason, very few Commanders have been sold in Norway. I get the impression that Viessmann is not very interested in selling to countries outside German-speaking ones.

    Björn Bednar

    I had version 1.016, updated to 1.018 and then to 1.021. Since then I have had problems with the commander.
    I have problems with many of the touch fields, they don't work.
    After having edited a loco, I am not able to go to next index card (CV etc)
    Exit meny don't work at any time.
    Save button don't work.
    I have tried to re-install the 1.021, but now the computer can't find the Commander.
    What has gone wrong?


    I have managed to re-install the 1.021, but still no reaction to buttons, mainly on the right side of the display.

    I have about 20 locs which I have put on the programming track. After having registered the locs, I place them on the main track. Some work, some don't. What am I doing wrong?

    I know only 8 locs can be on the main board at anyone time, how can I best recall the locs I want? And how do I do to get locs on the right hand side, and on the left? (4 + 4)

    I have problems with some locs which have 4 digits DCC numbers (i.e. 1042). Is it not possible to have large numbers?

    Is it possible to delete locs from the loc library?

    This is the starting questions, there may be more when I put points and return into the system.

    I run N-scale and use Zimo and ESU decoders.

    Best wishes from Björn

    I am afraid I cannot help you, but having recently purchased a Commander, I have written to Viessmann asking for more details in English, as my German is not very good.
    The English version:


    is ok, but does not go into enough details. I have problems with getting locs back to run when I have put them into the system. I have more than a dozen locs, but can't find them. I can't get rid of locs that are on the system from before. And I haven't even started with putting points in.
    I had hoped that someone in Viessmann had enough knowledge in the English language that Questions/answers could be translated from German.
    We can always hope.
    best wishes from Bjorn in Norway