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    I have a Modelrailway extensively populated with beautifully designed and manufactured Viessmann signals.

    The Modelrailway currently has:
    1. 50 Light signals of types: 4410, 4411, 4412, 4413, 4414, 4415, 4416, 4417, 4418.
    2. 50 Semaphore signals of types: 4400, 4401, 4402, 4406, 4407, 4408, 4409.

    The Light signals are very reliable, but the Semaphore signals have had failures in LEDs and unreliable movement of the Semaphore (Fluegel), even with an unused (new) signal after being stored for a period of time. Internal examination of the Air piston/Cylinder mechanism suggests that a special lubricant is used and that in time this lubricant deteriorates (ages).

    Therefore, I would appreciate receiving advice as follows:
    3. The availability/cost or type of LEDs used in each signal (Light and Semaphore).
    4. The availability/cost or type of lubricant used in the air piston/ cylinders for Semaphore signals.
    5. The availability/cost for replacement of plastic mechanisms for Semaphore signals, for example Plastic Pivot Pin in 4408.

    I look forward to your response in English or German language.