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    I am using the signal 5013 with the control module 5223. Using the decoder 5212 I am trying to control it with the Roco z21 without success. I would like to inform me about the right configuration of the addresses in order to operate all the signals. I am using the addresses 27, 28and I have connected the wires exactly like the manual.

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    I Have a Ralais 5552 wich works perfect with the 5212 decoder. When I am trying to use the Roco 10775 8-fold turnout decoder DCC the Ralais does not responds. The same problem exists with the 5222 and 5223 Control Modules.
    Are these products compatible with Roco 10775 or I must use another control and If so since the 5212 is no longer exists do you propose something else (ex Lenz LS150).

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    First of all I would like to thank every one who read my post.

    I found the solution of the problem and I will describe it in order to be helped someone else.

    --> I am using Roco geoline track with z21 DC. Under the turnouts I have installed Roco Turnout decoder geoLine (Art. No.: 61196). Because Timer Train Stop No. 5208 detects the occupancy, after the first passing of the locomotive, it locks on the occupancy from the decorder. After I replaced the decoder with the Viessmann 5212 the problem solved.

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    I am trying to install an timer switch 5208 in an DCC Noch Layout (Muhltal 8166) (See Attached picture). When i start the rail the timer switch stop the train but then the light remain on and the train does not stop until i close the power and open it again. I have double checked the manual and the connections are just like fig. 2 in manual. Any Suggestions please...

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    with the relay 5227 semaphores can be operated with module 5208. The circuit is in the manual of 5227 shown in Figure 3. This manual can be viewed on our website. You must specify the item number and then double-click in the operating instructions.

    I would like to thank you for your response. I have already seen the instructions for the relay 5227, but they are referring for semaphores without digital decoder.
    Is the same for semaphore 4700?

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