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    Hi Dieter and thanks for your suggestion !

    I think that 9V might be too much for the tiny motor in windmill. I am afraid its contacts wont last long. This is what happened with my previous version of windmill.


    - with 0.7V DC the windmill does NOT rotate.
    - with 0.8V DC the windmill rotates AFTER a higher voltage pulse (2.2V for 2.5ms).
    - for the moment, I am using three different voltages that seem to work reliably: 0.8V (minimum speed), 1.5V (medium speed) and 2.2V (high speed).

    The visual effect seems quite realistic as well...

    Thank you Jurgen !

    I think I cannot control it with PWM so maybe I will try to use variable DC instead.

    Kind regards !

    Hi Jurgen and many thanks for your answer !

    I want to replace the electronic board with one I will make myself, and I only need to know the maximum voltage/current the motor can withstand, as I do not want to 'fry' it. I do not need any other specific data.

    I am doing this only for my own personal use and, if successful, I will share my solution with you, so you can incorporate it in future variants if desired.

    PS. I have a not-so-good experience with the previous version of windmill, that had a different electronic board and probably no reduction gear, that at some point completely stopped working (probably burnt motor).

    I have recently bought a Windmill 5170. It seems to have a new type of electric motor, with a reduction gear. Please tell me the specifications of this motor (maximum / minimum voltage) as I would like to experiment with it (variable speed driven by a PIC). Thank you.