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    Hello,My name is Anton and I am from Italy-Venice.I have my layout in digital AC,because most to my train they are from Maerklin. I have Intellibox II to command train and all uhlenbrock decoder with viessmann analogic signal. 5 month ago I bought Viessmann signalbridge 4750 and 52292 Doppel-Multiplexer. When I connected 52292 with signal 4750 to Intellibox II, to the program plug 1 and 2 ( to the 6 way plug to Intellibox II ) and I program my signal every things works. But when I take out to the 1-2 plug and I connected to the 3-4 plug ( normal track ) don't works. I try to ask to Uhlenbrock service but nobody answer me.( The same problem I have with Marklin signal with digital decoder 76XXX). My question it is: If I program my Viessmann 4750 signal with Intellibox II LSB cable ? works, or I can damaged the signal or Intellibox, because LSB cable to Intellibox II it is to 6 wire and it is reverse. The current power for 52292 can be the same to Inteliboxx transformator, or I need another transformator. My Intellibox software it is 1.026.
    Thank you very much and Best Regards