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    Thanks so much for including me in your response. I think you were spot-on comparing Viessmann to Apple. The Viessmann has a very innovative DCC controller which the competitors are now copying. I enjoy supporting small innovative companies like Viessmann. They have always answered my emails promptly and to my satisfaction. That said, I hope Viessmann will take Apple's lead by opening their source code for other software companies to help develop "bells and whistles" for the system. This could help Viessmann's bottom line by allowing them to sell licenses to software developers. Viessmann could have online or in-house conferences with future developers. I think this could speed up the development of software for the Commander. In these tough economic times, there may be quite a few software engineers with free time on their hands that would like to develop their own products for the Viessmann Commander. I'm going to leave this post in English, because my translation program is so poor at communicating what I'm really trying to say. Perhaps someone on the Forum has a better one. Patiently waiting....lewi

    Hello members, I am new to the forum, but I've been accessing the website for almost one year. I presently have my Commander boxed up waiting for the English version of the complete manual. I am using AltaVista Babelfish for the translation from English to German, so please forgive any errors. I am also hoping that Veissmann will include more function icons. Perhaps they could offer a small icon editor so we could design and input our own icons. The Marklin Central Station 2 - item #60213- already offers 65 different icons for the function buttons.
    Hallo Mitglieder, bin ich zum Forum, aber zu I' neu; VE, welches auf die Web site für fast ein Jahr zurückgreift. Ich lasse momentan meinen Kommandanten herauf die Aufwartung der englischen Version des kompletten Handbuches schachteln. Ich benutze AltaVista Babelfish für die Übersetzung von englischem zum Deutschen, gefalle so verzeihe allen möglichen Störungen. Ich hoffe auch, dass Veissmann mehr Funktionsikonen einschließt. Möglicherweise konnten sie einen kleinen Ikonenherausgeber anbieten, also könnten wir unsere eigenen Ikonen entwerfen und eingeben. Die Marklin zentrale Station 2 - Einzelteil #60213- bietet bereits 65 verschiedene Ikonen für die Funktionsknöpfe an.