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    Hello.. - Gaugemaster and OnTracks are who I mainly buy Viessmann products from, but they don't have any but have put them on order for me, I also tried 5 other shops without any luck.

    Quote from Ingo Planert

    Hallo Pete,

    the 5233 is available. We have them on stock! Who is your prefered dealer in UK?

    Hi everyone, I have scanned up & down the UK for a 5233 feedback decoder and there are none to be found, is there a shortage of these, or have Viessmann stopped making them? which is what one dealer suggested.
    Pete.. :roll:

    Hallo Herr Planert

    Thank's.. you have been most helpful, please just to clarity.. does that mean I would need to use the Fleischmann reed contacts for this? or not?

    Also where can I download the technical reference guide, German version, so I can then put it through a translator.
    Kind Regards
    Pete Griddy

    I have recently just purchased the Commander and very nice it is to.
    Could I ask for some help?

    I would like to set up a shuttle route using the s88 port, but I am not sure what items I need to do this, if someone could give me the reference numbers of the devices I need to plug into the commander, also I have Fleischmann Loco's and these have a button built in the bottom of the loco's to be used with their treadle track device, would I be able to use these to operate the shuttle devises?

    Sorry lots of question, but the English version of the instructions is not very clear on this topic.
    Many Thanks for listening to my questions.
    Pete Griddy