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    Thank you Jurgen,
    Sorry my layout is HO so article is 5060 not 5800 but manual is the same.
    Figure 3 of the 5060 manual shows brown wire from 5065 goes to point a on the relay 5552 and yellow wires go to same place as the yellow wires of 5100 into relay 5552.

    However, in manual of 5060 on page 3 it says "A combination with Viessmann-barriers.....In this case you don't need any relay for controlling the indicating electronic 5065,.....instructions of the barrier."

    In manual for 5100 there is no mention of wiring the lights with the barrier. Except for Figure 3 on page 4 5100 red contact for blinking unit and on page 6 "The drive units of the HO railroad crossing gates (5100) are including an additional......with the contact of one of the drive units".

    My question is where do I connect these 2 red wires from 5100 to 5065?
    Thank you

    Can some member help me by drawing a schematic on how I would connect a 5100 Bahnschranke and a 5800 Blinkelektronik fur Andreaskreuze with double tracks (Zweigeisige Strecke)

    Thanks you

    I have a number of Control Modules 95220,5221,5222 & 5223) for my 2,3 & 4 aspect light signals. As the 5212 decoder module is no longer available what is the recommended accessory decoder module.
    I have several Uhlenbrock Loco-Net Schaltmodul/Accessory Switch modules 63410, but the pulse is the wrong polarity.
    I am using Fleischmann Twin Center.
    Thank you

    Looking for some assistance/advice.
    I’m using a number of Viessmann signal control modules( 5220 – 5223) to which my distant, block, entry and departure signals (all Viessmann) are connected.
    Then , these are connected to Uhlenbrock 63410 modules as the “accessory decoder”. Initially I will use my Twin-Centre to control these until I set them up in my RailRoad and Co software.

    My issue is with the 4 state LED Exit Signals (Licht Ausfahrsignal). The Viessmann Control module 5233 only has 4 outputs 1 each for Hp0, Hp2, Hp1 and Hp0/Sh1. The Uhlenbrock module as input needs 5 wires connected to it – R1, G, Y, W and R2.
    (There is a Viessmann accessory decoder 5211 which only requires the 4 outputs from the 5223 control module as inputs).

    How do I get around this dilemma?
    I can forward the manuals for the Viessmann 5223 module and the Uhlenbrock 63410 module.

    I went to a model railroad show on the weekend and saw a layout with catenary. There were no cuts or soldering! The owner explained you feed 1 catenary on its side through the other then flip vertical. So simple. I completed my 3 point switch catenary in no time

    I am trying to install my catenary using the expert method in the Vissmann Catenary book.
    I am confused how the catenary crosses itself . Do you have to cut the catenary?
    I used Bing Translator and the translation is not very good.
    Sorry only speak english and italiano.