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    About Conductor command: If i must precisely stop loco, at final contact i also must fulfill 2 comands simultaneously: 1. Stop loco 2. Turn off smoth velocity behavior, else i risk to run over turnouts.
    So, if i would use a Conductor, i must translate loco name to conductored route. How is it possible? Also, i must have pair of routes in each case, so i risk to get lack of free route slots. Also i risk to be confused! One route - One record!
    I found out another way : I join first S88 in with last s88 out, and set up Commander for 2 times quantities of s88 modules. So the same contact becomes 2 different contact numbers, because it rotates in this cycle 2 times.
    The problem solved, and now, at "on the way" page of route i be able record these 2 commands at different contact numbers, which are in fact the same contact and these 2 commands will be fulfilled! But i occupied all 32 module adresses, and cannot expand my layout. Another disadvantage - S88 system speed of address refresh becomes slow. ECOS works with s88 10 times faster, why Viessman have not adjustable s88 refresh rate?
    Why viessman bring us such anguish with restriction to do only single command per single contact? This is quite inconvenient and lead to so huge and confusing solutions!

    Thanks for all.
    I have Commander 1 with 1.400 firmware, first about 150 automatic routes. Other are manual.

    When i start manual route, after it's end any other and absolutle independant route seems locked for Commander-1, although it's start conditions are true.
    Only reset automatic helps to start any of next one.
    May be, we have hidden restriction on maximal contact number? I have all 512 used.
    May be large numbers of contacts overlaps with functional memory? Or, may be last command field in route pages overlaps... ?
    What is Your experience with hidden properties of Commander-1?

    Please help.


    Cited: "I don`t know how many routes are avaiable I think we must wait till c2 is ready."
    I mean this about C1.

    Namely, the Question is:

    How many automatic routes are available at Commander-1 ?
    Wwhich numbers are reserved for automatic routes?

    I have a Commander-1 and about 150 first numbers of automatic routes. Routes 150-600 are manual.

    I have unexplainable stop searching automatic routes in autpomatic mode.
    I also have all routes locking after first start of any manual route.
    I still cannot find out a reason.

    Please, Help.



    Hello. Please help with organizing routes.

    I have about 600 different routes, where first 130 are automatic, remaining routes are manual.

    Often automatic searching of routes at fully automatic mode is seems as unreasonable freezing and routes look like as unreasonable locking when i try to launch it manually.
    Only reset automatic button helps to activate it.

    May be i exceed limit of routes/automatic routes?


    Does it have conversion programm to move trackplan, routes, locos from Commander 1 ?
    When i can see hardware description?



    I still a big Fan of Commander 1, because it's a single boxed control with applicable capabilities.

    In aim to improove train control i have some wishes for Commander 2:

    Are this features will be added to Commander 2?


    1) Will ability to adjust S88 speed faster be integrated ?

    2) Will Independent DCC Accessory Output (which will be "ON" while short circuit on RAIL output) be implemented?
    (aim: for example: to restore wrong turnout positions in hidden area... )

    3) Will More dependable capasitive touchscreen be instead?


    1) In Route Programming : Will "ON THE WAY" contact action expanded for multiple commands ?

    2) Will Ability for precise smooth loco stop using second contact for end feedback will be implemented?

    3) Will Bug when automatic continue working at short circuit be resolved?


    Firmware 1.36 und Beispiel für Rangierarbeiten im Diorama

    Siehe Video:


    1) Vollautomatische gesamten Zyklus, von Viessmann Commander (tm).
    2) Autos werden von Kadee Kupplungsvorrichtung und Lokomotive automatisch Entkoppler ausgestattet.
    3) Walthers Gondel Auto Entlader Modell war zusätzlich mit Strom versorgt und motorisiert.
    5) Roco CHME-3-Lokomotive angetrieben durch ESU LokSound-4-Decoder mit Power-Pack. Haftreifen wurden entfernt. Räder wurden durch Federn ausgestattet. Spiel der Räder innerhalb Schienen, Achsen spiel innerhalb des LKW, und das Spiel von Lastwagen wurden in Ziel entfernt, um eine hohe Genauigkeit der Kopplung zu erreichen.

    Commander firmware 1.36 and example of shunting work diorama

    See video:


    1) Fully automated whole cycle, powered by Viessmann Commander(tm).
    2) Rolling stock are equipped by Kadee knuckle coupling, and locomotive distant decoupler.
    3) Walthers Car unloader dummy modell was additionally powered and motorized.
    5) Roco Chme-3 Locomotive powered by ESU LokSound-4 decoder with power-pack. Traction tires were removed. Wheels springed. Wheel backlash inside rails, axle backlash inside truck, and truck backlash were removed in aim to achieve high accuracy of coupling.


    Hello Jurgen. I also had this problem. Vadim

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    Hallo Viel.

    Es lohnt sich nicht , die Bedeutung der Kenntnis herunterzuspielen, und glauben, dass Modellierung von Railroad ist das Hobby für dumme Personen .

    Wenn nur ein Fehler in der Modell Flugzeug auftritt - es wird abstürzen! Warum müssen wir Fehler in der Eisenbahn -Modellierung gemacht ? Oder lösen wir arbeiten direkt in den Papierkorb zu sammeln?

    Mit der anderen Hand , die gesamte Produktion von elektronischen Baugruppen und Modelle von Lokomotiven nicht ideal sind und oft mit schweren Fehlern in der Technik produziert!

    Im Gegenteil : Viessmann Kommandant und alle Peripherie-Bus- Module und Strategie sind auch nicht ideale Passform für die Verwendung durch Personen dumm zu sein!

    Der richtige Weg ist :
    0) Sie müssen vergessen, dass Railroad Modellierung Hobby - ist ein Spielzeug und für dumme Leute!
    1) Es lohnt sich, Lehre machen zuverlässige Produkte , die eng entspricht Logik und die Rechte der echten Eisenbahn zu nutzen. Alle Produkte müssen in der Mechanik und in der Elektronik richtig gemacht werden .
    2) Fastly und freundlich erheben und verwenden Erfahrung aller Ingenieure und ihre Ideen , um bessere Produkte zu machen, dieses Forum und anderen Quellen.
    3) Es lohnt sich zu weit beschreiben und Ingenieurs -und Eisenbahn Erkenntnisse zu veröffentlichen. Es ist nicht so schwierig, da scheint !
    4) Sie müssen richtig integrieren Eisenbahn -Ingenieure , Elektroniker, Station diensthabende Offizier , und Signal Zentralisierung Offizier in einem!


    Hello Viel.

    It is not worth to downplay the importance of The Knowledge and believe that Modelling of RailRoad is the hobby for stupid persons.

    If only one mistake occurs in model of airplane - it will crash! Why we must made errors in railroad modelling? Or we solve to work directly to collect trash?

    With another hand, all production of electronic modules and models of locomotives are not ideal and often produced with serious mistakes in engineering!

    On the contrary: ViessMann Commander and all peripheral bus modules and strategy are also not ideal to be fit for using by stupid persons!

    The right way is :
    0) You must forget that Railroad Modelling hobby - is a toy and for stupid people!
    1) It's worth to use Doctrine of making dependable products which closely corresponds to logic and rights of real railroad. All products must be made correct in mechanics and in electronics.
    2) Fastly and friendly collect and use experience of all engineers and its ideas to make better products, use this forum and other sources.
    3) It is worth to widely describe and publish engineer's and railroad knowledges. It's not so difficult, as seems!
    4) You must accurate integrate Railroad Engineers, Electronic Engineers, station duty officer, and Signal centralization officer in One!

    Hello, John!

    When i started my layout - I also planed to be a user, as You.
    But obstakles and errors in variety of models and blocks forced me to be real engineer.
    I can not achieve good results at layout without right PhD-degreed engineering knowledge.

    Unfortunately, railroad modelling is not so called "Plug-and-play" hobby.

    Therefore, we can conclude, that "Knowledge is the Force!" :)
    More precisely: Positive affinity to the Knowledge will guarantee workable layout.

    With best regards,

    Hello, Frank!
    I think, it does!
    I advice to use DCC. Decoders of this format are more friendly.

    I also advice to use one DCC standart. Mixing DCC and Motorola/M4 standarts (as well as use RailCom) lead to zero voltage intervals, which then lead to surge peak - currents.

    I also advice to lay powerfull rail bus as separate thick twisted pair wires with large cross section, and then wire it to sensors and to rails also as twisted pairs, laying forward and back wires together as close as possible. It allow to reach low inductivity in MAIN rail BUS, and, as consequence - low distortion of signal meandr at rails.


    Hallo, Frank!
    Ich denke, es tut!
    Ich rate zu DCC zu verwenden. Decoder für dieses Format sind freundlicher.

    Ich rate auch zu einem DCC standart verwenden. Ströme - Misch DCC und Motorola/M4 Standarts (sowie Verwendung RailCom) auf Null Spannungsintervalle, die dann führen zu Überspannungsspitzen führen.

    Ich habe auch Beratung für leistungsfähiges Schienenbusses lag als separate dicken Twisted-Pair-Kabel mit großem Querschnitt, und dann überweisen sie Sensoren und den Schienen auch als Twisted-Pair und legte vor und zurück Drähte zusammen so nah wie möglich. Es lassen geringe Induktivität in MAIN Rail-Bus zu erreichen, und, wie die - zumin Schienen geringe Verzerrung des Signals Meandr.