• Hi All,

    I have the Commander and Pico switches ( turn outs ) that do disconnect the center track when switched. I've just converted my N scale Canadian layout to DCC and need help wiring 2 wye's that I have. Obviuosly a triangle track configuration will cause a short so I need some suggestions on how to wire using various Viesmann componnents that can either detect a short circuit and change polarity so the short does not happen or any other suggestions?

    I would like to automate this functionality, it's currently working using double pole double throw switches.

    I do have 5212's to control the turn outs, 5209 that I can use for lights or power and a 5233 train detector.

    Can the Commander handle this using any of it's functions to detect and change the polarity using the above or other controllers?

    Thank you all and ahve a great day