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    Thank you Jürgen, please can you advise which feedback decoder I would use for my Fleischmann Sound Trains?
    also I don't have the short English introduction on my DVD, incidentally my DVD was badly scratched when I purchased the Commander, I did ask for a replacement but never got one.
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    Hello.. that is good news about the English manual, but please can you advise about the stop start at stations operation, do I need the 5208 timer or can this be done using the Commander? and also am I correct in assuming that the 5208 does not have the auto return feature, then which unit do I need to setup Auto return.?
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    Hi Friends..

    This is just a suggestion, but please would it be possible to have a section of this group to be in English?
    there are several of us now from the U.S.A and the UK that would like to communicate with the Viessmann group but
    it's very difficult at the moment, as there is a complete lack of understandable instructions for operating the Commander, and also programing the operations such as the shuttle routes / signals etc...

    I am really not understanding Why this should be? for such an expensive unit such as this.. ECoS are not having these kinds of problems.. ???
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    Hi Pete, I understand the problems you are having, because I am having the same, I purchased the Commander 2 months
    ago and I am discovering that there is a complete lack of support for the English version, I have also been trying to decipher the instructions for setting up a shuttle route.. But I have got absolutely no where with it, it's just not making any senses.
    I am also member of the Eco's user group and they did warn me that I would have problems with the English translation of the Commander, where as the Eco's is far better supported in English, but sadly I did not listen to them and went ahead and purchased the Commander, have I made a big mistake? it does seem that the Ecos has captured the market for a top of the range controller, I do hope that Viessmann will get their act together and start producing some more informative instructions & a DVD in English, if not.. then, I feel they will lose out to EcoS and others in this field.
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