Shunting work & Commander-2 (Video)

  • Hello.

    Although Commander's software has a lot of restriction, newertheless, it's worth to go to automatical shunting work.

    Now i already have N-Scale shunting loco with knuckle autouncouplers & wireless technical vision system:

    But in aim to automatical uncoupling/coupling Commander must make drammatical changes in software:

    Must be added :
    0) Much more bugfree touchscreen!
    1) Ability to choose alternative routes(with the same start and dest) when launching via buttons.
    2) Extended ZNR names, including consist.
    3) Operations of coupling/decoupling with ZNR names and consist via Route commands and manually.
    4) Much more extended field in feedback page of routes for precise mooving via feedback.
    5) Specific routes.
    6) Enable list of Successors (next routes ) and it's management,.

    Ther's a more simply way exists:
    Make a COMMANDER-2!

    1) Take a KPK compact computer with portable windows and with big good-working touch screen!
    2) Add Functional buttons and velocity wheels to device body!
    3) Add internal booster, usb, and all RailRoad feedback networks.
    4) Add 2 videograbbers.(for shunting locos)
    5) Tell with Freiwald and integrate RailRoad and Co TrainController inside!

    Then You will be free to update and bugfree for future!