Unable to complete route - can't stop the locomotive!

  • Hello,

    I've upgraded to version 1.21. When I program the route, Commander gives me an option to choose which loco will be running -
    press loco icon, choose speed and direction and select loco from the list by clicking on loco list icon. However I don't see this
    option when I try to deactivate route. I click on loco icon, choose full stop and I see "Loco Train Id", but there is no option to
    choose the loco (I thought Commander would know and stop the loco running in this route). In general, Deactivate Route
    screen seems buggy. Any suggestions please?


  • Hello Mike,

    there is a bug in the index card for deactivating a route. Sometimes the speed indicator button for the speed step "stop" dissapears. But if you click next to the speed indicator "mini" on the left side the button will be shown again and the command is set correctly.

    We are working on a bug fix for this.