Marklin Mobil Station and 5302 Coupler

  • Hello,

    Is it possible to connect a Marklin Mobil Station 60657 ( set to DCC/MM protocol) and Track Box 60116 to the Coupler 5302 (connected to the Commander via LSB) and drive DCC and MM locos, and switch turnouts (set to DCC)?

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  • Seasons greetings!

    I recently acquired a 5302 Koppler and I use it to connect my 60657 Mobil Station.

    The MOT locos drive OK with this arrangement, but if I have the same loco called up on the Commander throttle, the Commander speed display bounces constantly between two speeds, and the F0-F4 function keys blink on and off.

    Also, I am unable to drive DCC locos through the Koppler. When I try to drive them, the Commander short curcuits (multifunction button oscillates between red and green). I have the same number of speed steps set on both command stations.

    If I connect the Mobil station track box output directly to a track, my DCC locos drive OK.

    Do you have any suggestions?

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    Dear Don,

    trough the Coupler you can controll DCC and Motorola Loco from MS2.

    The Signal output from MS ist not importat, The track signal from Commander Main output is important for you.

    Exampel; you can use a Motorola adress in MS2 to controll a DCC Loco on Commander Track.

    Thats the reason that you not should use adresses double in DCC and Motorola protocol.

    When the MS2 power off ore the line is open from MS2 Module to the Coupler and further to the Commander, than goes the Commander to stop.

    The light in the multifunction button oscilates. Press the button again when the line ist correct to the coupler and to the MS2.

  • Hello Jürgen ,

    Thank you for the reply.

    I have used a Motorola address to drive a DCC loco and this now works OK as long as I set the DCC decoder to 14 speed steps. If the DCC decoder is set to 28 or 128 speed steps, the loco drives only very slowly.

    I would prefer to use 28 speed steps, which is what I have all my DCC locos set to.

  • Hello Jurgen,

    I tried your suggestions:

    "Change in MS2 the Motorola Adress to DCC and 28 Steps."

    "Otherwise delay the Motorola Loko in the MS2 and programm a new one with DCC Decoder and 28 Steps."

    If I try to drive a loco with a DCC address in the MS2, the Commander immediatly malfunctions, with the multifunction button flashing red-green-red-green etc. If I drive a loco with a Motorola address in the MS2 the Commander functions normally, although limited to 14 speed steps.

    Why does the Coupler not function properly with a DCC address in the MS2?