HELP! How to get acces to F13-F24?

  • Dear Jurgen Meier

    The need for access to functions F13-24 is now a major requirement with the use of sound decoders.

    These devices have many sounds controlled by these function buttons. So many functions are mapped to sounds that remapping in the decoder is not an option.

    Some sound decoders have over 24 different sounds to be controlled.

    Please can the Viessmann development team provide a solution in the next update?



    Commander with S88 Littfinski feedback for track monitoring and reed switches.

    5 amp booster connected to the CDE port.

    Lenz LI-USB interface connecting to a laptop via the LSB bus using RocRail software to drive trains manually via an Android phone.

  • Yes, John
    Viessmann support team is very conservative and dont wish to change anything, loosing it's own money and market!

    I cannot imagine why so happens?

    Newertheless, let us continue:
    Also, it would be useful to add left and right sets of 24 hardvare buttons in new Viessmann Commander-2 together with implementing good screen without loosing of sensitivity, Windows portable system, and Freiwald portable Z21 TrainController 8.X or analogous ready-to use and bug-free train software.

    Jurgen, please dont delete this message. Simply, help to realise abovementioned ideas, any You havea lot of progress and money!
    If You wish, I, and other engineering people from forum always ready to help and can take these tasks and help Viessman to make it!

    With wish for Viessmann to be active!