Railcom on 5300

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    Does the Railcom feature work on the Commander 5300? I have two 'AC' Piko locos ( 52513 BR 245 and 52723 Bus - Both are Loksound decoders with Railcom Plus), neither of which I can get the Railcom features working, like reading CV's on the main. I have Railcom activated in System Parameters and in the decoder settings.

    Or was this feature (Railcom) planned but not implemented?

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  • Hello Jurgen

    I do not understand this, the Commander 5300 has the facility when programming a decoder to "send Railcom" - see reference manual Page 58. What is this for if Railcom does not work? How would you connect to the Commander to receive loco ID and track occupancy? If Railcom function is not available, why is it there in the decoder programming settings?


    Jose Kimber

  • it's to be understood, in the Lokeditor this button already exists but not connected with functions in the digital system of the Commander. So they are ineffective by the operation, feedback and the driving routes .

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