loco does not reverse under automatic control

  • Hello forum,

    I got the automatic control working using the 5 feedback track example provided in the manual.

    Initially I did all testing with my V36 Marklin 37365 loco. Evenutually I got it working, then added a small wagon as well, results are the same.

    Now when I try my v280 from 26541 set (Bamberger) the loco completes the first route and arrives at the station and pauses for 5 seconds. Upon starting the second route, the loco continues forward and not in reverse.

    Any clues on how to fix this?

    Many thanks!

  • Hallo,
    is v280 too long for the stop section?
    Is the v280 touching an other section with start options?

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  • Hi tworail,

    When does your reverse command come: at the end of the first route, or at the beginning of the second one?

    I suggest the following if it's not already the case,
    - At the end of the first route, simply use a "stop" command (with NO reverse command).
    - At the beginning of the second route, input a "stop-reverse" command, and then all your usual commands (including a "run" one of course :D ).

    I remember having a similar problem and this has solved the issue.