FRAGE: FOLGE Befehlsausführung mit Garantie oder gelegentlich, wenn 2 Routen gleichzeitig an eine manuelle Route senden? Automatischer Modus

  • Der Befehl „FOLGE“ von der automatischen Route muss die manuelle Route auf der Seite „On the Way“ adressieren.
    - Wenn die manuelle Route keine Kontaktfelder hat, werden Befehle von der "Wechselseite" ausgeführt und der Lokname ist derselbe.
    -Wenn eine manuelle Route Kontaktfelder hat, wird sie bei richtigem Kontaktstatus ausgeführt. Andernfalls Route abgelehnt.

    Es ist allgemein bekannt, dass Commander es manchmal versäumt, Lokfunktionsbefehle auszuführen, die in "Seite wechseln" platziert sind. (dargestellt im "Schaltfeld" der Fahrstraße, aber nicht im Anzeigebildschirm bei in loco wenn Fahrstraße beginnt)

    FRAGE: Wenn 2 oder mehr Fahrstraßen mit unterschiedlichen Loks gleichzeitig FOLGE-Befehle an dieselbe manuelle Fahrstraße senden, werden dann alle diese Befehle für alle diese Loks garantiert erfüllt (gibt es eine Befehlswarteschlange?), oder werden einige von ihnen abgelehnt? Kann ich den FOLGE-Befehl in verantwortungsvollen Fällen (bei Bremsen) verwenden?


    QUESTION: FOLGE command execution with guarantie or occasionally, if 2 routes send it simultaneously to one manual route? Automatic mode

    "FOLGE" command from automatical route must adres manual route in "On the Way" page.

    -if manual route have not contact fields it execute commands from "swich page" and loco name is the same.

    -if a manual route have contact fields it will execute in case of right contact state. Else, route rejected.

    It is well known, that Commander sometimes miss to do loco function commands placed in "switch page". (presented in "swich field" of route, but not done in indication screen at in loco when route starts)

    QUESTION: if 2 or more routes with different locos will simultaneously send FOLGE command to the same manual route , does all these commands for all these locos will fullfilled with guarantee (does queue of commands exists?), or some of them will be rejected? Can i use FOLGE command in responsible cases (in brake).

  • Hello Vadim,

    what you mean with " Folge " comand ? I don't know this comand .please explain.

    when you use a manual Route why you use contact fields in which section and card ? for what ?

    one example please

  • Hello Vadim,

    what you mean with " Folge " comand ? I don't know this comand .please explain.

    when you use a manual Route why you use contact fields in which section and card ? for what ?

    one example please

    1) I mean Folge Command which appears in Photo below.

    I use 1.41 firmware.

    2) I use about more than 500 manual routes. Usually, they works as shunting routes which controlled manually, by pressing start and stop buttons. They also must check contacts as a condition of safe work, and avoiding other hostile routes automatic or manual. (for example, uncoupling, changing Loco or route to turntable with turntable control feedback)

    3) I want to use single sensor for multiple command execution. For example, to make the precise stop at the end of station track. Loco approaches to the output red light at minimal speed (1 at Viessman speed units ), pulling in track last tail cars from the turnout street, and release turnout's and last lights sensor.

    To stop train precisely at the output short sensor near thr output lights, i must send 2 commands: 1- LocoIDFStop and 2- F4 on. F4 shuts off smooth behaviour of loco. If no F4 - it leads to train to unexpectable crawling out via red lights to stop at output turnouts. To make this according Viessman Rule (single contact = only one command [very nonconveniend = twiced quantity of sensors]) i am forced to use 2 electrical modules for one physical sensor. So, i have 2 sensor addresses and 2 these uppermentioned commands.

    See 10 year old video, but problem still remains:




    ( I can not use short contact as finish contact in aim of unstable current pickup by 1 or 2 axles. )

    FOLGE command may help to use single sensor to 2 command's execution simultaneously.

    But it use external manual route. In automatic route generation mode Commander may miss the attention (fulfilling 5 or more routes simultaneously) , and he may miss this route and train will miss to stop.

    Is It so or Is'nt it? Have Commander ultimative control for FOLGE command execution ?

    Also Commander sometimes forget to execute Function commands in swich and on the way pages, and it's critical too.

    4) Example od Folge command and manual route with sensors:

    It is obvious, Commander have not auto-lock system of signals and signals can be controlled only from routes. Commander also have not route with multiple stops (subroutes). Commander also have not feedback from turnout positions... All this is as awish for future

    I try to modell four-digit auto-lock system. So, i must detect how many block-sections are free behind a traffic light. No - red, 1- Yellow, 2- Yellow-green, 3-green. If i use only automatical routes - a lot of routes must be written to embrace all these cases. It can lead to the Viessmann Commander Safe Matrix can be overloaded. As i written earlier, it stop working when more than 24 routes is crossing (detected experimentally, and no any Viessman warnings. Layout suddently stop working ).

    As known, routes have combined field of feedback sensors which used as a route start condition and as safety condition or abscense of occupancy, named as "contacts page". they are a two different things! I mean for example, not start-sensor, but condition for start not short but only long route (with all traffic lights street along it), if all sensors are free , or start short route only when more distant sensors are busy, excluding it's start when distant sensors are free. I use marking it as RED in contacts field not as meaning of on the way occupansy, but as start condition meaning.

    As a wish - have 2 separate fields: A) start condition, which not in the safe matrix, and B) safety sensors which must be not occupied. Now, contacts with 2 meanings pointed in single combined field (safe contacts which must be free and condition contacts which may be free and busy). So, started route will block other routes which contacts used as a condition only, and have not real way crossing ( occupied contacts of other routes at side sensors which not in the way of this route).

    So, FOLGE command to manual route which must check sensors, and if they are free, swich lights from yellow to yellow green and fastly finish. If condition is wrong - it does not start and lights remains as yellow. Unfortunately manual routes with contacts is also included into safe matrix ad may overload it, so, there it restricts wide application of it.