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2A Powermodul
Currently not available
5215 2A Power module
The ideal solution for stable and powerful switching current as well as bright and flicker-free LED-lighting. To increase the switching power of digital decoders with separate voltage feed. For connection to the decoders items 5211, 5231...
RRP €22.50 *
Verlängerungen für Hausbeleuchtungssockel, 3 Stück
Currently not available
6833 Extensions for house illumination socket, 3...
For extensions of house illumination socket item 6832, to lighten upper floors. The extensions are plugged into one another while the cable is running through the interior. Height according to extension: 3 cm.
RRP €2.60 *
Hausbeleuchtungssockel mit Glühlampe E 5,5, klar
In stock
6832 House illumination socket with bulb E 5,5, clear
For mounting in all kinds of buildings. Extendable with item 6833. Spare bulb: item 3510 or LED item 6019. Height: 3,8 cm.
€3.30 *
Steck-Verteilerleiste für Beleuchtung, 12-polig
In stock
6049 Plug-in rail for interior lighting on board,...
The practical 12-pin plug-in rail connects up to 12 power consumers – simply by jacks for plugging in the resistors and diodes. Suitable for using with LED-floor interior lighting items 6045 – 6048. No plugs, screw terminals or soldering...
€7.50 *
LED-Leuchte weiß mit Gewindefassung E 5,5, 5 Stück
In stock
6019 LED lamp white with threat socket E 5,5, 5 pieces
Replace bulbs by using this elaborate and maintenance free LED lamp. To screw into the house illumination socket, e. g. item 6832. Due to a prism the lamp emits soft and uniform light all around.
€9.80 *
Verteilerleiste mit Powermodul
In stock
5205 Power module with plug-in rail
A compact module for easy connection and bright flicker-free LED lighting. The plug-in rail on the top allows a comfortable connection of 12 loads without soldering, just by plugging the leads of resistors and diodes into the sockets of...
€22.50 *
LED-Hausinnenbeleuchtung mit TV-Simulation
Currently not available
5079 LED house interior lighting with TV-simulation
Power-saving and maintenance free LED house interior lighting for all model railway buildings. All windows/rooms can be illuminated separately and realistically.The clou: Attached control module and board with special red-blue LEDs...
RRP €45.95 *
Kugellampen weiß E 5,5, Ø 5 mm, 18 V, 40 mA,
In stock
3510 Bulb white E 5,5 Ø 0,5 mm, 18 V, 40 mA, 5 pieces
Suitable for house illumination socket item 6832.
€6.80 *