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48900 Stone Art modelling paste, colour natural, 500 g
Weatherproof and dilutable paste. With commercial, dilutable dyestuff (e. g. acrylic paints, powder or acrylic tinting pastes), the paste can be modified in colour. Only black, brown and red colours are required to achieve the desired...
Content 0.5 Kilogramm (€33.00 * / 1 Kilogramm)
€16.50 *
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48600 N Tunnel portal of Stone Art, single track
Tunnel portal from the stone art series. Using the weatherproof sediment composite the portal looks like carved from original rock. Passage height: 4,9 cm, passage width: 2,6 cm. Dimensions: H 5,3 x W 0,7 x H 7,2 cm.
€20.50 *
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48601 N Retaining wall of Stone Art, suitable for...
The retaining walls from the stone art series expand the tunnel portal item No. 48600 to the left and right side. Thus you can create a realistic tunnel entrance that looks like the original. Dimensions: H 7,5 x W 0,5 x 6 cm.
€22.50 *